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You want to know what is new and happening in the health food industry and eco-friendly products in Qatar ? Want to learn about farms, markets and products that are good for us as well as the earth and the people who make it happen ? You have come to the right place. I will be featuring all of these elements and more under one umbrella. Helping you be aware and make healthy decisions. 



Well, it’s been a year already and I have met so many interesting individuals and learned about their passions and projects.  Looking ahead, I have decided to collaborate with some of the individuals I met so they can bring their point of view and writing styles to the life for Origine Mag Qatar, allowing me to concentrate more on the photos and website.  Having done a few stories in this fashion already, it has proven to be a wonderful sharing experience to work on a project.


Consult the growing collaborators page to learn more about the fabulous people who have contributed their time, energy and spirit.  A special thanks to Ellen Masters Postel who has cheered me on from the beginning and has become a very special editor and writer. 


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