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A Fascinating Immersion at Torba Farm: Discovering a Green Treasure in the Heart of Qatar

Written by Julie Hanin

Photos by Marie-Josée Bédard

Since my arrival in Doha, Qatar, I had an irresistible urge to visit Torba Farm. This farm stands out as a unique gem in the Qatari landscape, being the sole producer of medicinal plants in the region. Thanks to its meticulous work, Torba Farm offers a diverse range of local products, such as herbs (dried plants), essential oils, and hydrosols.


I had already heard about this brand and perceived immense respect for nature and the environment in their approach. Upon arriving at the farm, this impression was confirmed, and even heightened.


From the very beginning, my senses were captivated by the lushness of nature, which had been thoughtfully designed. Palm trees provided shade for sun-sensitive species, while different plants intertwined to create remarkable biodiversity. Every detail seemed to have been considered in harmony with nature, from wooden and root sculptures to the dried flower arrangements adorning the premises.


The visit allowed me to discover a surprising array of local plants, including Qatari Arar, Qatari Camel Grass, Qatari Desert Golden Daisy, Qatari Henna, Qatari J’aad, and Qatari Nifaij. The diversity of vegetation in such a desertic country pleasantly surprised me.


In addition to local plants, the farm also cultivates a variety of other crops, such as noble laurel, annual tansy, peppermint, hyssop, lemon basil, rosemary, sage, chasteberry, and many more.


Torba Farm strives to offer finished products of superior quality, using whole plants and carefully controlled distillation processes.  During the visit, I was able to observe the plant drying facilities and distillery.


While laboratory standards may differ from those found in Europe or America, it is important to note that Torba Farm is a pioneer in its field in Qatar. Their commitment to respecting plants and the quality of their products is evident at every stage of the process.

After this enriching experience, I can only recommend Torba Farm’s products. Their meticulous work and passion for nature shine through in every product, and I sincerely hope that this company will be recognized for its true value as a producer of medicinal plants in Qatar.

Torba Farm

For general inquiries: +(974) 3116 6707

For private bookings or membership: +(974) 5103 6447

Naturopathe - Naturopath

Julie Hanin

I am Julie, a passionate naturopath, dedicated for several years to promoting natural and balanced health. Specializing in health prevention, allergies, and women's well-being, I offer a holistic approach integrating nutrition, stress management, sleep, and physical activity. My preferred tools? Plants in all their forms: dried, in hydrosols, in essential oils, in buds, and many more. Convinced that each symptom is a voice to be heard, I am committed to accompanying my clients towards overall well-being by placing them at the heart of their own health.




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