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Do you know about the Torba Store ?

Open since 2015, Torba Store is the go to place to find local products and fresh organic produce cultivated from the Torba farm and other local vendors. It's like a mini market with a restaurant.

You can have a healthy organic meal with some gluten-free options, a kids menu is also available. Sourdough bread is prepared in their kitchen and available for purchase as well.

With 20 local vendors and counting you can find all sorts of eco-friendly products that can be good gift ideas .

Discover and explore the different lush areas and corners around the store, You will find a place where you can buy plants, an outdoor seating area and Apothecary from the Torba farm .


Enjoy a coffee while the kids play in a designated playroom or have them attend the weekly gardening sessions that teach them the joys of learning through taking care of plants and all the fun that goes with it.

Store Hours : Daily from 8:00am to 10:00pm

Villa 26, Street 963, Doha, Duhail


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