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Heenat Salma, the sanctuary

There is so much about this place; an organic farm, lodging, creative workshops, a farm to table restaurant, wellness sessions and more . A friendly place where social, cultural and ecological matters come together.

Book a tour, Felix (above) the host will welcome and show you around , share the history , agricultural practices and tell you about the different activities Heenat Salma has to offer.

The architecture was conceived in collaboration with Caravane Earth, an international Foundation that empowers communities by reviving local artisanship, vernacular architecture, traditional agriculture and holistic education.

Lodging is meant to tickle your four senses in authentic tents, a rich and rustic environment with noble materials. At night guests are encouraged to gather around a circular majlis (traditional sofa) and huge fire to experience share stories as well as meet new people.

You can roam around the farm and crops, visit the animals, there is even and outdoor exhibition exhibition exposed by artists from the creative residency program !

The farm practices regenerative agriculture, where the focus is the health of the ecological system as a whole, this in turn will help to produce a rich soil that will harvest nutrient rich foods without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

The menu, is a blend of old, new and traditional cuisine, everything that is grown on the farm is used in the kitchen. . The dinning experience is meant to be a communal experience.

Educational school trips can be organized where kids can share a healthy organic meal , participate in a workshop where they are encouraged to work with their hands as well as learn about the surroundings.

You can experience a vast array of classes and workshops like Yoga, Tai Chi, sound healing, wood carving, wheel throwing pottery, aroma therapy and that is just to name a few. Oh ! and while you are there, why not go for a massage ?

Visit their website for information and bookings

Address: Farm 280, P.O.Box 90205,

Um El Qahab, Shahaniya,

Doha, Qatar

Tel: +97450960007


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