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MAIWE: Supporting women. Supporting communities. Supporting the environment.

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When was the last time you found a skin care product that checked off all the boxes or met all of your criteria and left you feeling good about your skin? 

If your search continues or you’re curious, let me introduce you to Camille Baekelandt, native of Belgium, Founder of Urpharma Store, Pharmacist, Nutritionist, and Distributor of MAIWE products.

Camille Baekelandt

Knowing that a move to the Middle East was in her future, Camille started brainstorming what that would look like for herself professionally.  Having worked in a pharmacy where she often offered consultations to those with skin irritations, she was fully aware of the products on the market and was considering skin care product distribution; however, she didn’t want to distribute any product.  She set out on a mission to find products that would fill a gap in the market - products that were organic, good quality, essential oil and fragrance free, and that were ideally Belgium born.  Three other Belgium brands later, she met Maayke Ruyffelaere, a young Belgian bio-engineer who started the MAIWE product line and that Camille has since carefully curated into her UrPharma brand/store. 

UrPharma stands for ‘Your Pharmacist’ which stands for clean science, transparency and partnership, making a partnership with Maayke and the MAIWE product line a perfect fit. 

Maayke’s inspiration came from Lake Maihue, a glacial icon amidst the Andean mountains of southern Chile that were covered with wild roses, and where she first discovered the effect of wild rosehip on her own troubled skin.  The lake and wild rosehips coupled with curiosity and knowledge led to the development of the Maiwe (original spelling of the lake) brand which is a tribute to the people, nature, and wild rosehips of the area.  In essence, “MAIWE embraces clean and natural skincare principles, botanical ingredients, and female entrepreneurship.”  

According to Camille, Maayke’s vision to boost the local community with jobs especially for females who source the rosehips, plus the use of minimalistic, honest, organic ingredients, as well transparent processes, small batch production in environmentally friendly ways, and products that promote conscious well-being make her a true believer and advocate.  Furthermore, MAIWE is a minimalistic product line that naturally moisturizes and exfoliates the skin, is suitable for all skin types, and specifically targets aging skin or skin in need of hydration.  Products are derived only from raw or natural ingredients such as organic certified rosehips sourced from a local partner in Chile.  Additionally, in order to protect sensitive skin, fragrances are never used. 

The rosehips are a star ingredient for the product line as they are seasonally harvested, mostly hand picked by women, formulated and processed in Antwerp by Maayke.  There are several benefits of the treasured rosehip, more specifically the Rosehip Oil Serum – MAIWE’s bestseller.  By combining a unique blend of fatty acids, cold-pressed rosehip oils and extracts, the antioxidant properties of vitamin A and C, the youth-preserving serum boosts collagen formation, naturally exfoliates and moisturizes while also creating a glow, diminishing fine lines, as well as reducing skin damage, scars, and acne.  To quote Camille, “it’s a true vitamin bomb.” Plus, it has a low ecological footprint.  If you’re like me and wondering about its beautiful red/orange color, it is from the beta carotene of extracted fruits used.  

Another noteworthy feature of the brand, MAIWE products are a greener option on the market and protecting the environment is just as important as protecting our skin; therefore, the MAIWE products come in glass bottles or PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic and packed in compostable and recycled boxes. 

MAIWE’s product line includes the following and can be found in Blue Beauty Cosmetics Trading (Mina DIstrict), Torba Market (Saturdays November-March), Torba Store, and Torba Online, Staybridge Concept Store (Lusail), and Sequences (Lusail):

  • Nourishing Cleansing Oil

  • Purifying Cream Cleanser

  • Activated Toning Mist

  • Balancing Facial Cream

  • Rosehip Oil Serum

  • Pure Upcycled Rosehip Soap

“Having a skin care routine is all about finding the right products and the right dose,” said Camille. Routines should change and are based on a number of internal and external factors such as hormones, aging, weather, sun, and treatments.  Believing in the products 100%, Camille uses the products and shared her simple and minimalistic routines with us.  

Morning ☀️

Purifying Cream Cleanser

Activated Toning Mist (1 spray, pat on face)

Depending on whether or not she’s used a peel or been in the sun, she may use a Zeitschild product

Rosehip Oil Serum - 2 drops

Balancing Facial Cream to moisturize

Sun Screen

Powder Make-Up

Activated Toning Mist (to fix powder make-up)

Evening 🌙

Nourishing Cleansing Oil (to remove sunscreen and make-up)

Purifying Cream Cleanser

Activated Toning Mist (1 spray, pat on face)

Paula’s Choice Acid Peel (1-2 times per week)

Balancing Facial Cream 

As evidenced by our time with Camille, one of her passions is sharing her knowledge and tips for trustworthy brands and routines. The cover of her catalog captions, “our strength: sharing our knowledge.”  As a result, she hosts classes regularly and offers consultations ( and shared, “I don’t just see myself as a seller of products, but want to promote a lifestyle centered around health, wellness, and sustainability.” If you’re interested in hosting a group of friends or colleagues, Camille welcomes opportunities to collaborate. Furthermore, as the search continues for products that meet the UrPharma standards (such as Zeitschild and Insentials), she anticipates launching yet another product line in early 2024.  Please keep your eye out for classes as well as product updates on her social media accounts.

Ellen Masters Postel is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach supporting individuals reach and even exceed their personal goals. Additionally, she finds great enjoyment learning about the history and culture of the Middle East and more specifically her home away from home - Qatar.


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