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Mylk, plant based and more

The restaurant is situated in the Gate Mall, you can't miss it with the big illustration of a boy peek a boo sign at the entrance. You know you've just entered a place that serves chocolate, cookies, ice cream, coffee with cool vibes music but there is much more than meets the sweets here.

For starters not only is everything plant-based but also mostly gluten-free as well. If the dish has bread you can ask for the gluten-free version. You can also order gluten-free sourdough bread loaf (first place in Doha I have found)....good to know.

Let's talk Coffee and cups

The coffee beans come from Brazil, they are especially roasted to Mylk's specifications in order to give the best tasting results with their nut milks, love that insight and I confirm the coffee is very good.

The light and super stylish cups are from Australia and are made from coffee husk (dried skin chaff of the beans), so they are eco-friendly and recyclable, and can be purchased in the store.

Tip: bring your own cup and get 10% off your coffee

Food is locally sourced as much as possible and minimal plastic is used in packaging.

Mylk's vision and mission for the future is to create awareness about plant based foods and environmental sustainability and hope to open more branches though out Doha.

The Gate Mall

Hours; 10am to 10pm

Mall kiosqs locations;

Doha Festival city



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