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Pure Eats, Gluten and Dairy Freedom

For this edition, Ellen Masters Postel, a friend, has been invited to collaborate and write this story.

If you or a loved one are living in Doha with a dairy or gluten allergy, intolerance or disease - Pure Eats Co. will be a game changer!!

The struggle of eating food containing gluten or dairy products due to an autoimmune disorder hit close to home as the Pure Eats Co. owner saw both of her daughters suffering while living in the Middle East. As a result, Jill made it her mission to first manage the foods and eventually introduce Doha’s first 100% gluten and dairy free restaurant. She has done so by creating food that is a “cultural explosion of Cajun, Southern with a twist of European that meets the Mediterranean with a bang!” – with a dedicated kitchen, meaning there is no chance of cross contamination.

Regardless of whether you have a dairy or gluten allergy, intolerance, celiac, it can be hard to make lifestyle changes and to dine out safely; however, Pure Eats prides themselves on having something for everyone as they firmly believe one shouldn’t have to abandon foods they love when eliminating ingredients that don’t love them back.

Quality is Pure Eat’s key ingredient! From quality ingredients, quality chefs, quality staff and service, quality teamwork, quality training, to quality delivery. Ingredients are fresh and locally sourced, all dishes are cooked from scratch, chef’s are specialty trained, staff are extensively trained, and DeliveRoo was selectively chosen as a partner – all to ensure guest safety.

Speaking of quality, Chef Zienna's professionalism and passion made her the perfect fit for Pure Eats. Chef Zienna holds a Chef certificate from the Swedish Institute (Lernia) and a Chef certificate from the Kristianstad municipality. After discovering her only child suffered from a severe Milk allergy, she became enthusiastic about providing food to people with dietary restrictions, including gluten-free and dairy-free diets. As a result, she has succeeded in developing innovative and delicious recipes that are most convenient for these needs.

Jill ReNae' Bordelon-Munir, founder of Pure Eats.

Even the location was carefully chosen with a feeling as though you are transported from the Middle East right to Europe where tasteful, fresh, beautiful, and healthy food in a safe eating space and sense of community can be shared.

The expansive menu, generous portion sizes, and the price (especially for the quality and portions) will have me coming back on the regular. (Pro Tip: go hungry, willing to share, or knowing that you'll have take away.) In addition to the variety of dishes, there are beautiful drinks, sweet treats, and packaged granola in three different sizes. A recent customer shared with Jill, "I took your advice to carry the small granola packet with me as a snack when I’m out and it’s so helpful in curbing my blood sugar crashes on my busy days."

Pure Eats believes in sustainability, supporting the local economy, improving nutrition, and changing people’s perceptions of free-from foods, increasing awareness, and creating community. They have created a unique space where their aim is to support the community where everyone feels comfortable, confident, informed and relaxed from the moment they enter Pure Eats.

It’s worth noting that Pure Eats “consciously recognizes the importance of raising awareness and educating individuals, families and communities about Healthy Eating and Nutrition. Working towards improving the health and wellbeing of people living in Qatar as part of Qatar National Vision 2030, and in line with Qatar’s National Health Strategy, Pure Eats adapts an approach that fosters respectful compassionate culturally appropriate and competent healthy eating choices that are responsive to the needs, values, beliefs, and preferences of individuals and families and communities.”

Blackend Cajun Chicken Fettah

With doors having opened in May 2023, word is quickly getting out about the good eats at Pure Eats. Join the gluten-dairy free community by checking out Pure Eats online and better yet, in person.

Qanat Quartier - The Pearl Island

Restaurant Row - On The Boardwalk

Doha, Qatar

Sunday | Wednesday 11AM - 10PM

Thursday 11AM - 11 PM

Friday 1PM - 11 PM

Tel: +974 4001 0012

Ellen Masters Postel is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach supporting individuals reach and even exceed their personal goals while effectively managing her own type 1 diabetes and celiac disease in the Middle East.


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