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Torba Farm: A Natural & Magical Treat for the Senses

Written by Ellen Masters Postel

Photos by Marie-Josée Bédard

If you’ve been to the Farmer’s Market in Education City (the nicest Farmer’s Market I’ve ever been to!) or the Torba Store, you know the beautiful and natural essence of Torba.  The magic of that essence comes alive (literally) at the recently opened Torba Farm.  

The Farm was born from humble beginnings and emerged as a cherished family-owned sanctuary with a “visionary dream to nurture the bounties of nature.”  As The Origine Mag Qatar Team wandered and explored the property, our senses proved the dream a reality, thanks to Mohammed Ali Al-Khater and Fatma Ali Al-Khater, Co-Founders of Torba Farm.  Together with the family vision, the twins combined their own interests and inspiration, and took over the Farm’s operation five years ago.

Translating to “pure soil that nourishes”, “Torba” perfectly describes the one-of-a-kind living and evolving ecosystem and permaculture Farm given its abundance of nature and offerings of well-being. 

Inspired by the farm’s rich diversity of plant life and adaptable ecosystem, Mohammed and Fatma embarked on a mission to harness and conserve the land’s native botany and uncover age-old methods of natural healing.  As a result, they have been cultivating the land’s treasurers, crafting over 100 varieties of natural, chemical-free, pure and therapeutic grade essential oils, hydrosols, and botanical products, and sharing the medicinal, aromatic, and edible plants with the community ever since. As their mission states: “We are committed to crafting natural chemical-free products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner for the well-being of our bodies, minds, households, pets, gardens, and even our plants.  Our greatest impact lies in promoting the health and wellness of communities, empowering individuals and families to make healthy lifestyle choices through items sourced from the abundance of nature.”

Torba Farm is Qatar’s first regenerative permaculture farm (a farming style combined with a farming philosophy, principles and practices), complete with unique terrains, charming structures, as well as native and regional flora and fauna.  Their environmentally friendly and sustainable practices are grounded in agriculture biodiversity, allowing for the production of more vegetables, herbs, traditional plants, and resources.  Additionally, they are consciously reducing waste and conserving natural resources, without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals, and restoring rather than depleting the soil.

The Qatari brand, Torba, is deeply rooted in heritage, where ancient knowledge and wisdom influence sustainable ways that are symbolic with the environment, and as a result - nourish the soul.  Torba takes pride in being the only place in the country dedicated to growing and regenerating numerous native plants, especially those with therapeutic properties and used in traditional Arabic medicine, and that have never been previously explored or commercially tapped.  

During the visit to the unique green oasis, you can witness the vast and varied flora and fauna.  Some standouts include the following:

Aquifer - Water rises from 100 feet below and you can add natural salts, oils, and hydrosols for aromatherapy.

The Grounds - From framed botanical art pieces, man made structures, to how the palms were planted, all are symbolic of the connection between earth and water. 

The bees help produce wild honey from the 100 year old Sidra trees, and eighty percent of the plants are native to Qatar such as the Qatari Sea Lavender.  


The Damascus Roses bloom year round, are harvested daily, and used for rose water in tea, dried and distilled into various products.  

The Farm is a haven for wildlife such as birds, parakeets, 4-5 species of lizards, foxes, etc. The camel, horses and goats brought about huge smiles (and snuggles)! 


Signature Tea & Salad - Made from fresh farm produce, enjoy the signature tea infused with herbs, a beverage made with apples and cinnamon hydrosols, and a salad that is a true taste explosion!   

Many foods on the menu are 100% gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free. 

It’s best to call ahead to make reservations: +974 3116 6707

The Stone Room - A charming structure made from clay and water with individually crafted roof pieces made for a cool and comfortable respite from the sun while the sunlight entered abundantly.  

The Playground - When was the last time you felt like you were living in a Fairyland and got to jump on a trampoline?  This playground, entirely built from materials on the farm, is for children of all ages!!  

Yoga Hill and Meditation Space - Amidst the gardens sits a sanctuary of soothing sounds and serenity while there are a multitude of other spaces to bask in nature’s tranquility.

The Apothecary & Torba Naturals - Learn more about how Torba sources natural, raw materials and ingredients grown and harvested from the farm and then expertly distills and transforms them into high quality, clean and sustainable essential oils, hydrosols and botanical products like shampoos, soaps and lotions HERE.

“Torba Naturals believes in the power of nature to enhance your everyday wellbeing. We are not just a brand; we are a community-driven initiative dedicated to fostering a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.”  

The Staff - the friendly and knowledgeable team are dedicated to making your experience memorable and magical.  

As models of sustainability in Qatar, Torba encourages us as stewards of Mother Earth to “learn and to live in harmony with our environment by honoring the land, respecting the future and recognizing our responsibility.” and invite us to participate in the following carefully curated experiences:

Fajr Aqua Therapy Retreat

Aromascape, An Exclusive Aromatherapy Retreat

Meditation through Nature’s Symphony

The Flora of Qatar and Biodiversity Program  

Botany, The Flora of Torba Farm and Biodiversity

Edible Plants and Wild Foraging Experience

Family Farm Adventure - Harvest, Aromatherapy and Fun

All events end with a visit to the Apothecary (where you can explore products with an option to purchase) as well as a Closing Reflection and special gift bag.  Reach out to the Torba Team to discuss these programs, suitable for all types of groups including Schools and Educational institutions, Wellness Centers or Holistic Resorts and Spas, Tourist Agencies and Hotels, Corporate Retreats, Nature and Environmental Organizations, Cultural Centers and Museums, Adults & Families, Communities, etc. 

If you’re looking for the most unique and ideal get away (40 minutes from the heart of Doha), Torba is worth a visit.  It would be the perfect venue to host a private event or special gathering of family and friends, yoga retreat, sound healing workshop, school programs, or team building activities.  After all, part of the mission is to create unforgettable moments in nature’s embrace. 

Torba Farm

For general inquiries: +(974) 3116 6707

For private bookings or membership: +(974) 5103 6447

Ellen Masters Postel

Ellen is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach supporting individuals reach and even exceed their personal goals.



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